Read the following passage from an analysis essay’s body: Both Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter

Read the following passage from an analysis essay's body: Both Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter and Herman Melville's Moby-D share important traits of Gothic literature. In Moby-D, Melville uses the color white to represent grotesqueness, saying that it "peculiarly repels and often shocks the eye" (211). Hawthorne similarly relies on color to convey meaning, drawing particular emphasis to the scarlet in the "A" that Hester Prynne must wear. What is the primary weakness of this passage? A. No evidence is given from either novel. B. The evidence is not clearly tied to the claim. C. Color is an inappropriate topic for analysis. D. The passage fails to make a debatable claim.

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  1. He disappears into the sea.


    AT the end of Hermans melville´s Moby Dic, the white whale sinks the Pequod killing everyone in the crew except from the narrator, Ishmael, the captain Ahabs gets the harpoon wrapped around his neck and is dragged to the deep see by the white whale, this is the last that we know and that the book says about Moby dic.

  2. The correct option is B: the uncontrollable power of nature.

    We can perceive how the author is trying to show us how human beings have the tools and the technology and, besides, the intelligence to capture wild animals, but what they do not seem to understand is that in many occasions they underestimate the power of nature.  In this case, they are not aware of the power of the whale.

    For the author the symbolism is clear: what is meant to be free, it should stay that way.

  3. In Moby D by Herman Melville, we learn that the first reaction that Moby D has when he sees the Pequod appear for the first time is that the whale attacks the ship. As the Pequod approaches Moby D, he puts a crack in the boat with his flank. Moby D crashes into the ship to such an extent that he destroys it completely, and kills everyone in the ship except for Ishmael.

  4. D). The passage fails to make a debatable claim.


    The key weakness of the given passage is that 'it fails to establish a debatable claim.' A claim is characterized as debatable when the readers could reasonably argue on different opinions regarding it but here the 'claim regarding the presence of gothic elements' in Hawthorne's 'Scarlett Letter' and Herman Melville's 'Moby-D' is already agreed upon and accepted as a fact. Thus, there remains no point in persuading the readers' to believe in it by comparing the two. Another weakness of this passage is that the evidence presented here fails to support the claim. Thus, option D is the correct answer.

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