Reason: In a healthy individual5. Read the following and answer any four questions from 5 (i) to 5 (v):Harmful and toxic chemicals enter our bodies

Reason: In a healthy individual 5. Read the following and answer any four questions from 5 (i) to 5 (v):
Harmful and toxic chemicals enter our bodies when they are added to the soil
and water. Pesticides are used to protect the food crops from diseases and
pests, and chemical wastes from the factories are dumped in open or disposed
off in to rivers. These chemicals are washed down into the soil and are ultimately
taken up by plants and thus enter the food chain.
5(1). What will be the concentration of these chemicals at each trophic level in a
food chain?
5(ii). Justify your answer with one reason.
5(iii). What is the above phenomenon known as?
5(iv). Construct a food chain showing the amount of toxic chemicals at each
trophic level.
5(v). Give two examples of such toxic chemicals commonly used by farmers.​

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