Sexual reproduction . an produce diversity that may enhance survival of a population in a changing environment allows animals

Sexual reproduction . an produce diversity that may enhance survival of a population in a changing environment allows animals to conserve resources and reproduce only during optimal conditions guarantees that both parents will provide care for each offspring enables males and females to remain isolated from each other yields more numerous offspring more rapidly than is possible with asexual reproduction

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  1. e. can produce genetic diverisity that may enhance survival of a population in a changing environment.


    Genetic diversity is the amount of variation present in the genetic characteristics of an individual. It is basis for selection.

    Random mating among individual which is done through sexual reproduction allows for variation in the population and diversity. Genetic diversity ensures continuity and adaptation of individual to adverse environmental condition, it is the basic for evolution.

    Genetic diversity is also caused by various recombination, mutations and crossing over effect of homologous Chromosome.

    Genetic diversity aids selection for improvement of various character.

  2. Coniodiophores


    A conidium is a non motile spore of fungus which is associated with the asexual mode of reproduction in the fungus.

    This word is taken from the Greek word which means dust. These spores are generated by the process of mitosis.

    The newly formed cells are genetically identical to the parent cell, they can only in the favorable conditions.

  3. 50) A) genetic information

    51) C) scientists are able to study how organisms grow and reproduce

    52) A) intentional breeding for certain traits

    53) D) Fertilization 

    Hope this helps!

  4. d. condiophores


    As you may know, fungal spores are the main structure for the asexual reproduction of these organisms. These spores are formed in hyphae, but some fungi have special hyphae called conidiophores and their spores called conidia, which are structures for the asexual reproduction of these fungi. For this reason, we can say that, among the options given in the question above, "conidiophores" is the structure that is associated with asexual reproduction in fungi.

  5. d.condiophores is the correct answer.


    condiophores is cells or structures are associated with asexual reproduction in fungi

    Conidium, a kind of asexual spore-bearing bodies of fungi normally produced at the top of hyphae on specific spore-producing stalks called conidiophores.

    The spores get released and detach when it is mature.Then spores germinate into a new hypha and hypha develops into a mycelium.

    Thus the Axseual reproduction in Fungi(ascomycetes) occurs by the generation of conidia which are produced on a specialized structure called conidiophores.

  6. Asexual reproduction is a method of reproduction for most of single cell organisms including yeast, in this type of reproduction a single parent generates new organism and new one is exact copy of parent both physically and genetically.

    In yeast asexual reproduction is carried out by budding, its an asymmetric type of division in which first a protruding body is produced on its surface, it fully grows and forms bud later. When full grown, buds detach from the parent cell and grows independently. Instead of single bud, a chain of buds could also be produced at the surface of yeast.

  7. Option D


    The continuity of organism on Earth is maintained by the process of reproduction.There are two modes of reproduction. One is sexual reproduction and other is a sexual reproduction.

    The asexual reproduction is the process by which identical progeny is produced by single parent. There is no need for two parent.

    In case of sexual reproduction the offspring produced is not the exact copy of the parents they show variation. This variation in the offspring provides stability to the organism.

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