Shelley was more idealistic than byron.

Shelley was more idealistic than byron.

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  1. Number 1 The answer is A) More Pratical

    Number 2 The answer is  C) I think

    Don is n elderly man whom is in search of Adventure & enchantment he has also read a lot of books on  Chivalry. Like every other person he wants fame and glory, he wants to be a knight.

    Unlike him Sancho is the common peasant Sancho seeks that his daughter will marry a noble Man , He is also very smart , he "carries" lots of common sense although he too wants glory , 

  2. 1) Sancho Panza different from Don Quixote as he is more practical than Don Quixote. 
    Answer would be A

    2) Don Quixote's friends board up his library because they want to keep him from reading stories that might inspire more strange behavior.
    Answer would also be A

  3. The correct answer is true.

    Indeed, Shelley was far more idealistic than Byron. Both of them were Romantic poets, however, Byron was a lot more cynical and realistic about life than Shelley. Shelley, on the other hand, had a more positive outlook on life - their stances about life and idealism/realism are evident if you take a look at their poems.

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