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  1. Your goal is to get b alone on one side of the equals and get "not b" on the other. In this case, b and h are put together by multiplying. So we do the opposite operation - dividing, to get b and h separated.

    A = b * h Put the multiplication operation in the original

    A / h = (b * h ) / h Divide by h on both sides

    A / h = b The h on the right side simplifies to 1

    Thus b = [tex]\frac{A}{h}[/tex]

  2. Solve the formula for the specified variable. V= BQK for B.SOLUTION: solve V=1/3Bh for B. Answer by nyc_function(2741) (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website! V = (1/3)(B)(h) can be written as V = Bh/3.

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