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  1. Until we prove that he's guilty, we have to stop with speculations and stop restricting his movement. Speculation is basically guessing something, while restricting is depriving someone of something or limiting something.

  2. In order to restrict the forms of speculations regarding that matter, the President decided to come forward and make a public statement.


    The term speculation defines a series of conjectures, that may or may not be accurate according to facts. For Example: Many speculations have been made about how will Trump respond to recent outcomes of the war in Syria.

    Additionally, the verb to restrict, means to limit, to minimize, to reduce.

  3. There has been much speculation (the forming of an opinion) on how the mayor will effectively restrict (put a limit on) water usage.

  4. Here is the sentence that uses the words speculation and restrict in one sentence:
    At last, there was a nice, solid brick wall, which would restrict more possibilities of chaos, ending speculation on this matter. 
    Hope this sentence helps you. Thanks for posting your question.

  5. I'm under strict orders to keep you safe. Read more at This sort of speculation is going to intensify. Read more at

  6. My teacher had speculations on my test she thought i cheated so she restricted me from sitting next to people when were taking test.

  7. There has been widespread speculation that he plans to quit because the boss has restricted him from doing so much.

  8. here's a sentence:

    There was speculation from students that the school was going to restrict use of cellphones while on campus.

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