Sub to LawTomato on YT for brainliestthe channel picture of the channel ha a black tomato on itp

Sub to LawTomato on YT for brainliest the channel picture of the channel ha a black tomato on it


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  1. answer: b. the moon is much smaller than the earth.


    it starts off by comparing the earth and venus. it also only says one sentance about the moon which make it the odd one out. in conclusion the answer is b.

  2. depends on your school

    when i was in high school i took ap biology my senior year and it was the hardest one for me because my teacher finished the material within the first month of school and then went on to doing advanced college level it was horrible. but at a nearby school ap biology was one of the easier aps. also, it depends on what you are interested i like math a lot so ap calculus was easier for me than most but i hate history so ap us government was harder for me than most.

  3. I subscribe! and just in case if you get a notification, my channel name is DreamingShintoki Artz  


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