The Cooking Club madesome pies to sell at abasketball game to raisemoney for the new mathbooks.

The Cooking Club made some pies to sell at a
basketball game to raise
money for the new math
books. The cafeteria
contributed two pies to the
sale. Each pie was then cut
into six pieces and sold.
There were a total of 60
pieces to sell. How many
pies did the club make? PLS HELP w explanation if u can

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  1. It gave Athens access to the Delian League's treasury. It helped Athens build a strong navy.

    It gave Athens power over smaller city-states.

    It protected Athens from other city-states


  2. B


    I think it's B, I haven't done anything with this exact topic. Judging by the story and answers, B seems most logical.

  3. 20. Say the number is x.

    3(x + 4) + 7(x + 13)

    If you want it simplified:

    3x + 12 + 7x + 91

    10x + 103


    3(x + 6) + 2x

    3x + 18 + 2x

    5x + 18

  4. -.3

    We were just learning these 🙂

    Step-by-step explanation:

    So let's start with the whole equation:

    10 - 4x + 6 - 2x = -2x

    First, combine like terms:

    16 - 6x = -2x

    Next, add 16 to both sides:

    16 + 16 = cancels out and -2x + 16 = 14

    6x = -2x

    Now, divide 6 on both sides:

    6 / 6 = cancels out and -2x / 6 = -.3

    x = -.3

    Really hope this is right!

  5. [tex]log_{3}4 +6log_{3} {x}+log_{3} y[/tex]

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Mistake [tex]6log_3(4xy)[/tex]

    Correct expansion would be as given below:

    [tex]log_{3}(4 {x}^{6}y ) \\ \\ = log_{3}4 +log_{3} {x}^{6} +log_{3} y \\ \\ = log_{3}4 +6log_{3} {x}+log_{3} y \\[/tex]

  6. ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿good afternoon!✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑

    ✧after doing the math, this is what i think would be your answer!:

    5 pies were made by the club. if each pie is cut into 5 slices, there are now 40 slices after the cafeteria donated... divide 40 by 5, which is 8. then, subtract the 3 from the ones the cafeteria donate

    ~i hoped this helped!!!



  7. 1. A ti te

    2. Si (i think)

    3. - (you have to put your name)

    4. No


    4. I think it's no because it said "A Marta y yo nos gusta ir a la escuela" i think it would be correct if it said "A Marta y a mi nos gusta ir a la escuela".

    Hope it helped.

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