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  1. The equation wold simply be d+1 simplified and d-3+4 if not im not sure if this is what ur asking?

    Step-by-step explanation:

  2. D - 3/2

    Hi again! Like in my previous answer, difference implies subtraction, therefore, we know that this expression must be a subtraction between two terms. The first term is d, and the second term is 3/2. A fraction is equivalent to stating a division expression. 

  3. [tex]\text{Hey there!}[/tex]

    [tex]\text{What is the difference of d minus 3 divided by 2?}\\\\\text{Difference means subtract/subtraction}\\\\\text{Minus would also be subtraction}\\\\\text{Divided by is division}\\\\\text{d would be the start of the problem}\\\\\text{the 3 divided by 2 would be on the right side ( the second part of the equation)}\\\\\boxed{\boxed{\bf{\ : d-\dfrac{3}2{}}}}}\checkmark[/tex]

    [tex]\text{Good luck on your assignment and enjoy your day}\\\\\\\frak{LoveYourselfFirst:)}[/tex]

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