The equation below is written in words. x plus ten equals two. What’s the value of x?

The equation below is written in words. x plus ten equals two. What's the value of x?

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  1. 15%

    step-by-step explanation:

    use the table and count the number of guesses that has two correct answers.

    the following are two correct answers

    10010, 01100, 11000

    a total of 3 numbers having 2 correct guesses out of 20 questions.

    probability of getting 2 correct guesses = the number of questions getting 2 correct answers / total number of questions.

    = 3/20

    to convert it into percent multiply by 100, we get

    = 3/20 * 100

    = 15%

    the answer is 15%


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  2. question 1 is 8, question 2 is 9, question 3 is 24

    step-by-step explanation:

    now, the numbers they give you at the top are the key. from there, you just have to plug and chug! let's try 1, 2, and 3!

    key: a=3, b=5, c=6

    1. a+5

    remember, a=3, so we plug that in to get 3+5=8

    2. 15-c

    c=6, so we plug that in to get 15-6=9

    3. 4b

    b=6, so we plug it in to get 4*6=24

    time to try the rest on your own! if you put the answers below in a comment, i'll check them for you!

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  3. x+10 =2

    x = -8

    Step-by-step explanation:

    plus means add

    x+10 =2

    Subtract 10 from each side

    x+10-10 =2-10

    x = -8

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