The first party system refers to the period during george washington’s presidency when political parties

The first party system refers to the period during george washington's presidency when political parties first emerged in the united states. this resulted from disagreements over the proper role of the national government. who were the leaders of the two sides in the disagreements?
thomas jefferson and benjamin franklin
alexander hamilton and james madison
alexander hamilton and thomas jefferson
james monroe and patrick henry

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  1. A.

    Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson


    James Monroe and Patrick Henry


    Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin


    Alexander Hamilton and James Madison

  2. I am not 100% sure but I believe Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton believed in a loose interpretation of the Constitution stating that it did not specifically forbade but allowed. He believed in a strong central government, a common theme in the current Democratic party. Thomas Jefferson was his most outspoken critic and believed in a decentralized government that should exist primarily to protect a citizens natural rights to life liberty and property, a common theme in the current Republican party.

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