The great central figure of the kado, or sun dance, ceremony is the tai-me (37). which of the three narrative styles is

The great central figure of the kado, or sun dance, ceremony is the tai-me (37).

which of the three narrative styles is this passage an example of?
a. personal narrative
b. myth
c. historical record
d. lecture

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  1. This passage is an example of a historical record. Option C is correct.

    This passage is portraying an image and its significance. Besides, it mentions a ceremony, and proper names that, in order to understand what we are talking about, we need to be familiarized with events in history pertaining to the particular topic dealt with in the passage. Otherwise, you will not grab the message the writer of the passage is trying to convey.

  2. C.Historical record


    This passage is an example of historical record. The passage is describing an image and its importance. It explains the history behind the image by describing what it contains. A personal narrative and myth both read as though they are stories. This particular passage is informative not written as the events of a story. However, the passage does come from a book called "The Way to Rainy Mountain" by N. Scott Momaday.

  3. I think the answer is D. Personal narrative because it is stating that the character did something and the passage is written in first person

  4. D. Personal narrative


    A personal narrative is a story that is told by a speaker about his own memories and experiences. Personal narratives are always told in the first person. These tend to be very detailed and often emotional and personal, as the author has in-depth knowledge of the event that he is describing. In this case, the speaker is talking about something he personally did (swimming in the river), which makes the passage an example of a personal narrative.

  5. A. Myth


    A myth is a traditional story that concerns itself with the early history of a people. Myths can also be used to explain natural or social phenomena. They are considered part of the folklore of a culture, and usually play an important role in a society. Myths typically involve supernatural beings and events, such as gods and heroes.

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