The measures in the table describe the ages of students in a club.MeanMedianModeMean Absolute Deviation13.313.5140.67Select from the

The measures in the table describe the ages of students in a club. MeanMedianModeMean Absolute Deviation
Select from the drop-down menus to correctly complete each statement.

On average, the age of a student is about
year(s) away from

If the MAD for another club was 1.5 years, then that club's ages would be
than the ages for this club.

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    step-by-step explanation:

    each line from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side is called a median. the point where the medians intersect, point q, is the centroid.

    the centroid of δabc is point q.

    [tex]Lolol name the following segment or point. given: l, m, n are midpoints centroid of triangle abc p[/tex]

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    answer: she can serve 16.66666667 people. so she can only give 16 people a complete serving.

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