The number from the set will make the equation x+4=7.8 true

The number from the set will make the equation x+4=7.8 true

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  1. 1.$11.78


    3. Number line graph with closed circle on 120 and shading to the right. 4.yes ,because the total will be $3.27

     5.x 0 2 4

    and y 0 24 48

    6.x= 14



    9.y= 4x


    Step-by-step explanation:

    1.Lacey has total money for spend=$36

    cost of 1 pair of sunglasse=$14.89

    cost of a hat=$9.33

    spend money =$14.89+$9.33=$24.22

    Lacey has remaining money for buying scarf=$36-$24.22=$11.78


    If kim's age = x years

    given that sam's age is 2 years less than 3 times kim's age

    therefore the expression best shows sam's age is [tex]3x-2[/tex]

    3. A group of students must collect at least $150 to organise a science fair.

    they have already collected money=$30

    now remaining money =$120

    hence ,the graph is number line graph with closed circle on 120 closed circle and shading to the right  which represents all remaining amounts of money.

    4.Cost of a sticker=$0.35

    Cost of an eraser=$0.99

    Cost of pencil=$0.59

    cost of 2 stickers =2*0.35=$0.70

    cost of 2 erasers=2*0.99=$1.98

    total cost including 2 stickers ,2 erasers and one pencil=$3.27

    hence minni can buy 2 stickers and 2 erasesrs.

    5. y= 12x

    put x=0 in given expression y=12x then we get y=0

    now put x=2 in this expression then y=24

    and now put x=3 in this expression  then we get y= 48.


    x =21.5- 7.5=14




    then x =6.2-4=4.2

    hence answer is 4.2

    9.A store sold copies of a magazine =60

    cost of 60 copies of magazines =$240

    hence , cost of magazines is four times the number of magazines .

    therefore , the expression is y= [tex]y=4x[/tex]( if number of magazines x)

    y=4x; (1,4),(2,8),(3,12)

    10.y is 12 times x therefore the relation between x and y is [tex]y=12x[/tex]

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