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  1. C. source citations within the text of the paper


    Parenthetical documentation is the term that is used to describe the citations that is contained in a research work or paper.

    Parenthetical documentation in a research paper helps the reader to be able to identify the sources that you used in getting the information that is contained in your research paper.

    MLA format also known as the Modern Language Association format is one of the styles used for parenthetical documention.

    MLA Format includes: The Author's name, page title, website title, sponsoring institution/publisher, date published, and the URL.

  2. This is a parenthetical citation. Usually you use it to cite one of your sources at the end of a sentence. Also known as an "in-text citation."

    Example: Your info goes here (Johnson).
    if you have specific page numbers

    This is your info (Johnson 1-5).

  3. Parenthetical citations within the text of your paper let your reader know when you've used information from another source. The parenthetical citation corresponds to a source listed on your works cited page.

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