The wheel on a car completes25 revolutions and travels about35.325 meters. Rounded to thenearest centimeter, what is thediameter of the wheel? Use

The wheel on a car completes 25 revolutions and travels about
35.325 meters. Rounded to the
nearest centimeter, what is the
diameter of the wheel? Use 3.14 for pi.

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  1. the solution is the point [tex](1,-3)[/tex]

    step-by-step explanation:

    we have

    [tex]3x-y=6[/tex] > equation a

    [tex]y=x-4[/tex] > equation b

    adds equation a and equation b


    substitute the value of x in equation b to find the value of y


    the solution is the point [tex](1,-3)[/tex]

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