There is a relationship between spirituality and community involvement within 4 areas: service learning,

There is a relationship between spirituality and community involvement within 4 areas: service learning, volunteering, social activism, nature and the environment. Based on your team-building discussion. Complete the following: Name of local agency. Contact information (Who can you call for further information about volunteering). What are your goals as a volunteer for the agency and why

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  1. 1. Agency name: Hervey Bay Neighborhood Center

    2. Contact information: The website displays a phone number that can be used to obtain information.

    3. Objectives with volunteering: Doing good to the community and helping people in need. I have these goals, because I think that empathy and solidarity are characteristics that are stimulated during volunteering and are characteristics that I want to have with intensity.


    Hervey Bay Neighborhood Center is a local institution whose main objective is to help isolated people, with little social contact and difficulties. Most of these people are elderly people who cannot keep up with the speed of modern life.

    The institution accepts volunteers, which seems very promising to me, since it encourages the concepts of empathy, charity and solidarity, which are characteristics that I hope will be the basis of my life.

    The institution has a website with all the information about it, in addition to a phone number that can be used for extra information or questions.

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