There was a time when robots and home automation were just a fantasy. Robots were found only inscience

There was a time when robots and home automation were just a fantasy. Robots were found only in science fiction and home automation was limited to cartoon families who had every convenience at their
fingertips. Meals arrived with a simple push of a button. A robot maid performed every task humans
didn't care to do. Today, these once visionary ideas have become reality.
In factories, robots perform hazardous tasks; in homes, they vacuum the floor. Houses can now lock
themselves and lights are programmed to turn off and on automatically. In hospitals, doctors use robots to
perform surgery. Cars that drive themselves are in development. As automated machines and robots take
on more human tasks, there are serious questions to consider. What will become of society if robots do all
the work? Will humans become too dependent on machines and lose the ability to do things for
themselves? Will robots eventually become smarter than humans?
Who is the intended audience for this passage?
science fiction writers
experts who design robots
Opeople who are interested in robots
robots with artificial intelligence

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  1. automation - the act of operating without direct control by a person.

    aut: self, self-acting

    hence, it controls itself.

  2. People will rarely be independent -



    The humans


    Yeah since most of them will like adjust to human activities and major part of the human life

  3. A Thesis Statement.


    An Introductory paragraph is one of the crucial elements of an effective essay as it primarily functions to grab the readers' attention(through a hook or topic sentence), reveal the author's claim or point of view(through a thesis statement), and provide necessary background information that would help the readers' in understanding the narrator's message effectively.

    The given introductory paragraph includes a hook('there was..fantasy'), background information('Robots..fingertips'), and they together set the tone but it misses a crucial element i.e. 'thesis statement' which would help in revealing the key point or claim to the readers. It offers a summarized version of the key argument of the essay that the author is going to deal with and since it is missing, the author's point of view is not established.

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