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  1. the correct answer is C. She doesn't want to go into the house but wants to learn the truth.

    Explanation: the narrator says the house seems menacing but he is decided to tell the house's story since he says:"...The newspaper was expecting my story about the house tomorrow morning:.." meaning the narrator will tell the true story.

  2. 1. She said that she would see me the next day.

    2. He said that he had seen her that day.

    3. He said that he had met her about three months before.

    4. They said they had visited her that morning.

    5. They said they would visit her the following summer.

    6. She said that they had been there the previous week.

    7. He said that it might rain that night.

    8. He said that he really had to go.

    9. He said that he had to go because he had an appointment half an hour later.

    10.  He said that he would like to see it.          


    We use reported speech to say something that another person said. To do so, we change the tenses and some words.

    Present simple> past simple

    Present continous> past continous

    Present perfect> past perfect

    Past simple> past perfect

    Past perfect> past perfect

    Will---> would

    May---> might

    Tomorrow---> the next day

    the next> the following

    today--->that day

    Ago---> before

    this---> that

    last week/day/month---> the previous

    must---> had to

  3. 1) Linbarger is facing a liquidity problem which arose from poor management of cash. Their loan obligation requires they maintain a minimum balance of $200,000 on a monthly basis but as at June 30, the company only has $80,000 which is less that half of the required amount.

    2) This case poses an ethical dilemma for the assistant controller as the financial vice president requires a manipulation of the accounts also known as creative accounting by recognizing the check of $150,000 as cash balance to deceive the insurance company to think that the actual cash balance is $230,000 as opposed to the actual figure of $80,000.

    This dilemma poses a threat to the integrity and objectivity of the financial controller and also to the financial vice president as the duty of preparation of the account lies within her purview.

    3) Negative impact:

    To the company: The company would be in breach of the loan agreement with the insurance company and can face certain penalties such as accelerated repayment plan i.e. repayment of principal and interest before the due date, non-renewal of the loan contract and reduction in credit rating score.

    To assistant controller: Can face intimidation threats from the directors and co-workers. The assistant controller may also lose his job

    4) All stakeholders would be negatively impacted. The company may still default on the loan repayment which would involve a takeover of the company assets as the company would be declared bankrupt which may lead to a loss of job for both the assistant controller and the financial vice president as well as other workers in the firm.

    5) One alternative in this scenario is that the assistant controller can resign to maintain his integrity but the downside would be the loss of job


  4. 1. Have EGC best engineer contact Don to explain the generators capabilities.


    I think the reasons why the generators were not working well were because they were being used for the work that was beyond their capacities.

    And Don did not understand this, so the best thing to do is to do as a salesperson is to get the company's engineers involved, they will be in better position to explain the whole things to Don.

  5. Explanation:

    1. a

    2. up

    3. were keenly observing

    4. because

    5. came

    6. shouldn't we?

    7. to help him

    8. will call

    9. whether

    10. were told

  6. B


    I think the answer is B because she clearly states that she is going into the house for her newspaper article, not to show how brave she is which eliminates A. She also does admit her fear when she said that it is just as scary as everybody warned so it can not be C which leaves us with B.

  7. 1.
    2. Puritans
    3. determined
    4. bible
    6. Tituba
    7. witch hunter?
    8. trial

    sorry this is what I know for sure. you might be able to look up the rest

  8. rudy is the nazi ideal, unfortunately for the nazis his ideal comes in the form of jesse the complete opposite of those who embrace the idea of white supremacy. over the course of the novel, rudy learns that he wants nothing to do with the hitler youth, and because of this his parents are forced to make a bargain; rudy's father is forced into the military, so that his son can remain home.   both liesel and hans influence that young man that rudy becomes. following han's example, rudy puts aside his own hunger to risk his life so that the jewish prisoners might have bread to eat.

  9. i think its a.

    an ugly duckling is teased by the other ducklings. when she grows up, however, the ducklings discover that she is a beautiful swan

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