Tiffany, on visiting her relatives, discovered that they had acquired a new canine breed. they had bred

Tiffany, on visiting her relatives, discovered that they had acquired a new canine breed. they had bred different species of dogs in captivity to reach the new breed. how would tiffany identify this new canine breed? tiffany can identify this new canine breed as a (fill in the blank).

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  1. Tiffany can identify this new canine species as an experiment or as a blend.


    There are many breeds of dogs, however, not all of them are natural. Some of the species may result due to the crosses between the breeds, with the objective of developing new species with specific features. This is more usual than one may think. When this thing is done under the name of scientific studies, the species developed stands in new races. The examples of these species are Pinscher dogs or Pitbull.

  2. Test of swab of the cheek of the dog or a blood sample of it.


    Identifying a breed of a dog is done with a number of tests which are done either by taking sample of blood or by taking swab of the cheek of dog.  The swab test is a part of the Heritage of Canine.  Testing the gene from its blood sample is a most common way of identifying breed, but it is often regarded as inaccurate.

    While opting for a test one should consider the type of test, breed number and budget. Cheek swab test is not painful, non-invasive and can be performed at home.

  3. Tiffany can classify this canine species as a blend or as an experiment.

    There are several dog breeds, but not all are natural. Some species result from crosses between breeds that aim to create animals with peculiar characteristics. This is more common than you might think. When done under scientific studies, they stand in new races. Examples of these species are Pitubull or Pinscher dogs.

    Otherwise, when this happens by chance, without any technical support, dogs are born without a breed, or mutts.

    The case narrated will depend on how this crossing was made.

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