Us history: how do people overcome adversity? what role can literacy play in this?

Us history:
how do people overcome adversity?
what role can literacy
play in this?

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  1. You need a personal anwser.
    Sorry, can't help you with this one.

    Just try and describe how you once overcame adversity.

  2. Adversity: difficulty, and misfortune;

    Its something that happens to all of us at the best of times and can be difficult at times but we all get over it. An example of one time i had to face adversity is when one day i had a HUGE project to turn in I worked super hard on it and double checked my answers I was sure I would get an A+. However, on the day the project was due I was so happy because I could finally turn my project in in that class and raise my low grade, Unfortunatly I forgot my project at home and both my parents were at work so no one could bring me it (my teacher at the time didnt accept late work) and I just had to deal with having a bad grade and a Z on that project. It was difficult to raise my grade but somehow I managed to do it this just shows that any of us can overpower Adversity.

  3. Unclear question, but I inferred to work on Unit 5 student education document.

    Determination, and then taking necessary action.


    Remember, obstacles may come in different forms. A common one could be to read through an entire book in a limited time. When faced with this obstacles one has to first have the determination to overcome the book so to speak by taking steps to eliminate distractions that would hinder you from reading the book, such as avoiding places or things that could take away your attention.

  4. Most people overcome adversity by facing it and trying their best to solve it instead of running away from it.


  5. People overcome adversity by wearing social and emotional masks.


    "We Wear the Mask" is a social poem by African-American author Paul Laurence Dunbar. This poem concerns how the black community in the Post-Civil War United States still suffered with racism and segregation. Yet, African-Americans figuratively wore masks - they acted as if they were happy, content. Former slaves were forced to fight a war that was not their own, and then to act as if life was good, as if they did not suffer.

    We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries

    To thee from tortured souls arise.

    We sing, but oh the clay is vile

    Beneath our feet, and long the mile;

    But let the world dream otherwise,

          We wear the mask!

    Still, their mask became their strength. It prevented their enemies from knowing and using their suffering against them. The black community used their emotional and social masks to overcome adversities, to keep on going, fighting for their rights.

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