Using information found on the internet, describe the features of therapsids that suggest this group

Using information found on the internet, describe the features of therapsids that suggest this group was transitional to reptiles and mammals.

be specific!

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  1. Although Archaeopteryx is by far the best-known of the transitional fossils, it is not the only one, or even the best. The fossil transition from reptile to mammal is one of the most extensive and well-studied of all the transitions, and detailed series of fossils demonstrate how this transition was accomplished. It is not, therefore, surprising that the creationists do not talk much about the reptile-mammal series, and when they do, most of what they say is demonstrably untrue.

  2. Therapsids is a group of synapsids which includes mammals and their ancestors. Many of the traits that are seen today belongs to mammals that their origin in Therapsids.

    They had four limbs that were extended vertically in the lower side of the  body as which shows a sprawling opposed posture that is usually seen in reptiles. They had first and last fingers short and in between the fingers were long like mammals.

    The physical appearance of Therapsids shows that it was a transitional animal in between mammals and reptiles.

  3. Therapsids are a group of mammal like reptiles that share many features of the body. So basically what this means is that these animals from the Therapsids helps the humans evolve. Therapsids had canine teeth and so do mammals. Their jaws where structured similar to ours and so were their teeth. Their molars were in the back so they chomp their food like meat, just like the humans. The reptiles in the Therapsids group have legs that were more vertical from their body like humans. Where other reptiles did not, they had legs that were sprawled out from their body.The reptiles in the Therapsids group also had turbinates bones like humans. They were also thought to be warm blooded just like humans. There are some similarities that could leave one to believe that there is a connection, but I don’t think so. I think that humans have a more thing in common with chimpanzees

  4. Therapsids has both characteristics that possessed by mammals and reptiles.

    For example :
    The skull.  Therapsids skull is the combination between the skulls of reptiles (that have many several bones) , and the skull of mammals

    The teeth. All The teeth in a reptile usually has the same sizes. But the occipital condyle in many therapsids became double just like in mammals

    hope this helps

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