Well I am New here so I hope we can become good friends​

Well I am New here so I hope we can become good friends​

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  1. answer; /// the correct answer to the above statement is (a) because of the decline on native american labor forces;

  2. I read the whole passage and for number 1 the answer is b. number 2 is b. I hope you get it right. I am here to help whenever and i don't need anything, just as long as your satisfied. 

  3. mi hermana "sabe" bailar salsa. "conoces" tu el monumento la mitad del mundo? raul y yo sabemos al profesor de matematicas.

    translated: my sister "knows" how to dance salsa. "do you know" the monument half of the world? raul and i "know" the math professor.

  4. The right answer is E.

    Explanation: Her sister tries to feed her brother who is now a bizarre insect and has different tastes.

  5. Explanation:

    Gregor's sister is the only one that can tolerate the sight of him as his parents find it so disgusting, and the burden of taking care of him, his meals and the room falls on her. Initially she was very uncomfortable with his new sight as she ran out of the room in shock and slammed the door shut, but she came back in. Also, she's sympathetic to his plight by affording him privacy so he could eat by leaving the room and locking the door to make him comfortable. This is a show of her consideration for her pitiful brother

  6. this was really good! you should write about her and the young boy she met earlier going out on an adventure to look for her mother and facing different obstacles while on their journey.  

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