Were the Edwards brothers wrong with how they handled the issue of land grants in the eastern Texas

Were the Edwards brothers wrong with how they handled the issue of land grants in the eastern Texas region they were supposed to settle? In your answer, explain why you believe they were right or wrong in handling the land grant situation the way they did. PL HELP ILL GIVE BRAINLIEST

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  1. I believe they handled it wrong because the land grants were nothing to start a revolt over.They could've found new land or came to an agreement with settlers who were there before them.


    got 100 on Edge

  2. The Fredonian Rebellion was a dispute between the Mexican government and the Edwards brothers, Haden and Benjamin.qqv Haden Edwards received his empresarial grant on April 14, 1825. It entitled him to settle as many as 800 families in a broad area around Nacogdoches in eastern Texas. Like all empresarios he was to uphold land grants certified by the Spanish and Mexican governments, provide an organization for the protection of all colonists in the area, and receive a land commissioner appointed by the Mexican government. He arrived in Nacogdoches on September 25, 1825, and posted notices on street corners to all previous landowners that they would have to present evidence of their claims or forfeit to new settlers. This naturally offended the older settlers.

    As soon as Mexican authorities heard of the incident, Lt. Col. Mateo Ahumada, principal military commander in Texas, was ordered to the area. He left San Antonio on December 11 with twenty dragoons and 110 infantrymen. It was clear to Haden Edwards that his only chance to make good the time and estimated $50,000 he had already expended on his colony was to separate from Mexico. He and Parmer began preparations to meet the Mexican force in the name of an independent republic they called Fredonia. Since they planned to include the Cherokees in their move for independence, the flag they designed had two parallel bars, red and white, symbolizing Indian and white. In fact, although a treaty was signed with the Indian leaders, Richard Fields and John Dunn Hunter,qqv that support never materialized. The flag was inscribed "Independence, Liberty, Justice." The rebels signed it and flew it over the Old Stone Fort.qv Their Declaration of Independence was signed on December 21, 1826.


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