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  1. The reason your program isn't working is because you put the n=12 now when you put the other n's in the code it causes it to only work with the number 12

  2. Please see explanation below for possible answers


    Though the question is not complete, but I will answer your question by stating what factors, according to herzberg, constitutes both motivating factors (satisfiers) and hygiene factors (dissatisfiers).

    According to Herzberg, motivating factors (also called satisfiers) are primarily intrinsic job elements that lead to satisfaction. They includes:

    1. Achievement

    2. Recognition

    3. The (nature of) work itself

    4. Responsibility

    5. Advancement

    6. Growth.

    Hygiene factors will cause an employee to work less if not present. From the information in the question, Hygiene factors (or maintenance factors) are factors that can cause dissatisfaction if they are missing but they do not necessarily motivate employees if they are increased. These included:

    1. Company policies

    2. Supervision

    3. Relationship with supervisor and peers

    4. Work conditions

    5. Salary

    6. Status

    7. Security

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