What do you think Esperanza wants most? What kind of person does she want to become?Why?

What do you think Esperanza wants most? What kind of person does she want to become?Why?

[tex]What do you think Esperanza wants most? What kind of person does she want to become?Why?[/tex]

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  1. What probably happened is that there was irrevocable evidence that Adnam was guilty of the murder and the lawyer was unable to appeal the judge's decision, due to the true nature of the evidence.


    A first-degree murder is one where the murderer planned the murder, predicted and qualified a plan, where he was fully aware that the victim would be killed. Adnam caused this type of murder and evidence was presented that prevented anyone from doubting his guilt. The evidence was so true that it was impossible not to condemn Adnam for his crime, to which he is unrepentant. Because of such true evidence, Adnam's lawyer was unable to ask for the decision to be revoked, and was dismissed shortly thereafter.

  2. ​role confusion and problems with subsequent stages              


    Role confusion: In psychology, the term role confusion is referred to as the tendency of an individual not being able to understand his or her identity and is not being able to be sure of himself and herself in his or her place in society. This occurs during adolescence period in an individual's life.

    In the question above, According to Erikson, failure to achieve a stable identity leads to ​role confusion and problems with subsequent stages

  3. Pathos is the rhetorical component being used. Through this component, the speaker appeals to the audience's emotions. " What kind of person do you want to be? Do you want to be considered kind? caring? compassionate?.." The speech is laden with emotional language.  Ethos is a rhetorical means applied when the speaker is a public person the audiece trusts. Logos is the other means used when the speaker resorts to logical arguments to convince the audience. In this speech neither ethos or logos are being used.

  4. I would want to be a person that is difficult... BUt not mean and rude. I want people to know im their for them and things but not to be taking advantage of me. 🙂

    Q: how is this helpful to you?

  5. Carter is the kind of person who you would want on your side if you found yourself in a tough place. He's the kind of person that everyone would want to cheer for. He's so good that his enemies must simply be considered bad. Judging from his adventures though, this hero is easily provoked into a fatal combat. The character of the courteous, well-mannered captain Carter is transformed when Princess Dejah is put under a threat. He becomes a ruthless vindicator fixed on only revenge. Eventually, Carter marries Dejah and serves as a warlord hero and a dutiful family man on Mars. Occasionally, he returns to Earth but only to tell about his adventures


  6. He wants the next president to be honest and truthful and make sure to keep his promises that he makes and do everything for the people and only the people.


  7. I always want people to always see the Good in me, I'm a very kind and humble person. I don't judge anyone, always except people for who they are.

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