What does the author of ‘The Devil and Tom Walker’ express by satirizing women?

What does the author of "The Devil and Tom Walker" express by satirizing women?

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  1. everyman: morality play

    which phrase in this excerpt from the play everyman refers to god's judgment of people's souls after their death?

    messenger: . .

    ye think sin in the beginning full sweet,

    which in( the end) causeth thy soul to weep,

    when the body lieth in clay.

    here shall you see how fellowship and jollity,

    both strength, pleasure, and beauty,

    will fade from thee as flower in may.

    for ye shall hear, how our heavenly king

    calleth everyman to a (general reckoning):

    give audience, and hear what he doth say.

    god: i perceive here in my majesty,

    how that all the creatures be to me unkind,

    living without dread in worldly prosperity:

    of (ghostly sight) the people be so blind,

    drowned in sin, they know me not for their god;

    in worldly riches is all their mind,

    they fear not( my righteousness), the sharp rod;

    (my law that i shewed), when i for them die

    hopefully this !

  2. answer: the correct answer is b. an essay that connects the writer's experience with a topic of significance and of reader interest.

    explanation: the key words are here "personal experience" since personal essays give insights about peoples' experiences in life and introduce us in their unique world that can be or not to related to our lives but interests us because we are human beings and share the same condition universally.  

    [tex]Which description most clearly defines a personal essay?[/tex]

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