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  1. A form communication is used in indicating informed consent is in written form. This has the capacity of having to provide the informed consent more valid and to provide a clear and proof of evidence in having it passed on the person who needs to acquire or has asked to have it.

  2.  B. graph


    It is a print public announcement by the government.  Printed materials might contain quotes from a speech, but the print can't talk!

    Statistics are often displayed as a graph-- like the number of cars on the highway over a period of months. Or new cases of Coronavirus over a period of days.  

    Charts and Maps are other forms of graphic information found in printed brochures, magazine articles and books.

  3. Charismatic.


    Nicole being a manager at Frost Inc. She is very confident and optimistic, tends to use strong expressive forms of communication, and uses personal risk and self-sacrifice to attain her visions for her organization.

    Hence, Nicole is said to be a charismatic leader.

    Charismatic leaders tend to be confidence and always encourage their subordinates or followers behaviors by way of persuasion, eloquent communication and personal convictions.

  4. Tan uses the word “impeccable” to describe her mother's English.



    In the story, Tan describes her mother when she shouts a stockbroker's boss using in impeccable English.

    This means that even though Tan's mother is not fluent in her English, he still believes that her English is still well enough.

    Tan felt the band when he described his mother's English as broken.

    This always bothered him and thought it was destroyed and was to be implemented since it lacked sound and wholeness.

    Therefore this is the reason why he described it as impeccable.

  5. D


    The word impeccable stands out in the excerpt due to the other adjective broken. The ironical use of impeccable clearly points out that, although her mother shouts in broken english - anything but impeccable - she manages to be effective, nay, maybe even more powerful in expressing her greeves to the boss.

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