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  1. 56.6

    step-by-step explanation:

    the ratio of the perimeters is equal to the scale.

    the ratio of the areas is equal to the square of the scale.

    34 / 20 = k

    a / 19.6 = k²


    a / 19.6 = (34 / 20)²

    a = 19.6 (34 / 20)²

    a ≈ 56.6

    [tex]These figures are similar. the perimeter and area of one are given. the perimeter of the other is al[/tex]

  2. last one.

    step-by-step explanation:

    last one.

    generally speaking, the others follow some sort of pattern that correlates to either linear (looks like a straight line) or sinusoidal (looks like an s).

    the last one is just a random cloud of points that doesn't correlate to any particular known order.

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