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  1. Their erected pose, bipedal locomotion, broader brains and behavioural characteristics, such as specialised language communication, are some characteristics that distinguish hominins from other primates, both living and ended.


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  2. 2. A trait is a notable feature or quality in a person. Each of us has a different combination or sets of traits that make us unique.
    3. Traits are passed from generation to generation.
    4. We inherit them from our parents and pass them eventually to our children.
    5. Physical traits or characteristics of one's physical make up (how you look) observable characteristics determined by specific segments of DNA called genes.
    6. Physical traits include things such as; hair color, eye color, earlobe attachment, handedness, straight hairline and  widow's peak height. 
    7. Behavioral traits are characteristics of the way one acts. An example is a golden retrievers's instinct to retrieve.
    8. A sheepdog's herding instinct is a good examples of behavioral trait. 
    9. Predisposition to a medical condition is another inheritable trait. Examples include sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and certain mental diseases. 
    10. The instructions encoded on our genes play a role in defining our traits.
    11. However, the environmental influences in our lives are just as important in shaping our traits 
    12. Our genes determine our natural hair color, however, exposure to the sun and hair dyes can easily change the color.
    13. Behavioral traits can be influenced by trainers, like raining dogs to chase things and bring them back.
    14. A person may be born with a predisposition to heart disease, however a healthy diet and exercise can greatly reduce this risk. 
    15. How are traits determined? Try to bend your thumbs back at a 45 degree angle, if you can, you have "hitchhikers" thumb gene.
    16. Other people don't have straight thumbs which don't bend.
    17. Scientists describe a set of genetic information for each form as an allele. Most genes have two or more variations, called alleles. For example, the gene for hairline shape has two alleles, that is; widow's peak or straight. A person may inherit 2 identical (homozygous) or 2 different (heterozygous) alleles from their parents. 
    18. We can describe the straight thumb allele with a H,  and the hitchhikers thumb allele with a h. Capital H for the dominant alelle and the lower case for the recessive allele. 
    19. Each of us has two alleles that determine the thumb extension trait.
    20. What two genotypes would code for straight fingers; These should be HH, (hmozygous dominant) and Hh (heterozygous). 
    21. The genotype that would code for the hitchhikers thumb is hh (homozygous recessive).
    22. Having two of the same alleles for a trait is  called homozygous. 
    23. Having two different alleles for a trait are called heterozygous
    24. A person with a Hh genotype would have the straight finger phenotype.
    25 The dominant allele (H) will mask or hide the recessive allele (h). This is known as the law of dominance. which is described such that In a cross of parents that are pure for contrasting traits, only one form of the trait will appear in the next generation. Offspring that are hybrid for a trait will have only the dominant trait in the phenotype
    26. The chances of having a child with hitchhicker's thumb if both parents are hybrids is 1/4 or 0.5. A hybrid is a synonym for heterozygous; contains one dominant allele and one recessive allele
    Using a punnet square as shown on the attached 

  3. Their ordered internal structur that forms well defined geometrical shapes.


    Most geologist define minerals as  naturally occurring,  inorganic,  solid substance with a  definite chemical compositionand an  ordered internal structure. Their most defining trait is that thei toms, ions are present in the space in a tidy way forming well-defined geometrical shapes (crystal lattices).

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  4. Some characteristics that have distinguished hominins from other primates, living and extinct, are their erect posture, bipedal locomotion, larger brains, and behavioral characteristics such as specialized tool use and, in some cases, communication through language.


  5. anthropod traits:

    a well-developed collarbone

    rotating shoulder joints

    partially rotating elbow joints

    opposable thumb

    similar dental formula

  6. The defining trait of the main characters in blade Runner 2049 was: Rick Deckard was a blade runner, Gaff was Los Angeles Police officer, Rachel was sole nexus Model replicant, Roy Batty, leader of the renegade nexus -6 replicant, Harry Bryant was rep-detect of Los Angeles Police Department.


    Blade Runner 2049 is the sequel or remake of Blade Runner, an American science fiction movie made in 1982 by Ridley Scott. Scott is n English Filmmaker who made his directorship debut in the year 1979 with the science fiction - horror movie named Alien. Blade Runner 2049 happens to be Scott's another attempt with science-fiction movie minus horror with some spectacular and fantastic characters.There were common characters in both Blade Runner 2049 and its sequel Blade Runner - these common characters were Rick Deckard who played the role of blade runner, Gaff plays the character of Los Angeles Police Officer who is instrumental in helping Deckard achieve his mission. Harry Bryant is found in the character of the captain of The Los Angeles police department.Hannibal Chew works as a genetic engineer, Dave Holden Plays the role of a Blade runner who is responsible for testing the new employees, Taffy lewis characterizes the bar owner while Priss Stratton is pleasure model who was incepted on valentines day. she was played by Daryl Hannah.

  7. The right option is;  D) crystalline structure

    A mineral is a naturally occurring, inorganic (not produced by an organism) solid substance, that has a specific crystalline structure and chemical composition. All minerals have definite chemical constituents that differ within a specific limited range. The physical properties of minerals such as color, solubility, streak, hardness, luster, specific gravity, cleavage, are used in identifying them. Examples of minerals include halite, talc, galena and diamond.

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