What is a reaction to tissue damage caused by injury or infection?

What is a reaction to tissue damage caused by injury or infection?

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  1. The answer is B.

    An inflammatory response is a nonspecific immune response. It is defined as a reaction of the body to injury or destruction of tissues and takes place in the following steps:

    1. Tissue damage caused by injury or bacterial infection is detected.

    2. Chemotactic factors and vasodilators are released.

    3. increased capillary permeability and  increased blood flow to the area occurs.

    4. Migration of phagocytes to the site of infection rapidly occurs.

    5. Special serum proteins and phagocytes attack and destroy bacteria.

    6. Inflammation subsides once the invading pathogen is destroyed.

  2. (A). the inflammatory response


    Inflammation can be defined as a nonspecific immune response that occurs due to any injury or infection to tissues. It leads to mobilization of inflammatory substances, such as histamines and phagocytic cells to the affected area and

    Inflammation triggers redness, swelling, and pain in affected area due to increased blood circulation and inflammatory substances.

    Thus, the correct answer is option (A).

  3. The correct answer is B.

    When a tissue of the body gets injured, the immune system immediately initiates an inflammatory response localized at the site of injury. The inflammatory response is a defense mechanism of the innate or non-specific arm of the immune system.

    In an inflammatory response, small blood vessels at site of injury dilate causing increased blood flow into the area. White blood cells and special serum proteins speedily arrive at the site and begin destroying bacteria and other foreign bodies that may have gained access to the body through the broken tissue.

  4. A nonspecific defense reaction to tissue damage caused by injury or infection known as A) The inflammatory response. 

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