What is cultural change?List four examples of parallel culture.Outline four effects of superstition.I’m in need. Help please.

What is cultural change? List four examples of parallel culture.

Outline four effects of superstition.

I'm in need. Help please.

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    Cultural change-the process by which new

    patterns of shared/learned behaviours are developed to meet the needs not provided by traditional patterns

    What is Culture Change? = Culture change in long-term care is an ongoing transformation in the physical, organizational and psycho-social-spiritual environments that is based on person-centered values. Culture change restores control to elders and those who work closest with them. here I found the answer pls Add me in brainliest answer

  2. Definition of cultural change.

    Cultural change is the adaptation or shift in social, general and economic cultural life to be able to cope with the present future.

    Four examples of parallel culture.

    Marriage rites.

    Four effects of superstition.

    It encourages rest.

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