What is the author’s purpose in writing the article ten languages die out every year

What is the author's purpose in writing the article ten languages die out every year

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  1. the correct answer is a.

    since in the sentence the word beacon is used as "guide".


    high tower located on the coasts and ports that emits a powerful light at intervals to guide navigators at night.

    luminous tower.

    beacon synonyms as a guide: lighthouse, north, tower

  2. The author's purpose was to show a result of the global dominance of some cultures and their respective languages.


    In the article, the author manages to show how many languages have become extinct each year, due to the cultural dominance of some countries around the world.

    This is because some countries, like the USA, for example; they have a cultural domain so extensive around the world that it has influenced the abandonment of customs from other cultures and the abandonment of even the local language in exchange for English, for example.

    Some people believe that this extinction is beneficial because it will improve world communication, but many believe that it is disrespectful and a way to suppress cultures considered unimportant by dominant countries.

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