What is the difference between hurricane and storm

What is the difference between hurricane and storm

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  1. Hurricanes form over warm waters when tornados form over lands and both are alike from its producing of high-speed winds

  2. I'm pretty sure hurricane watch is keeping an eye if any hurricanes are incoming using radars etc.. Whereas hurricane warning is if their is an incoming hurricane and people need to evacuate stay indoors so warning people of a hurricane

  3. Hurricanes are rain and wind Tropical Storms are like tsunamis and floods Frome oceans depressions are sandy drouts

  4. Tornadoes can form over land, but hurricanes only form over the ocean. 
    A tornado is a fast rotation of wind that travels across land for a short time, ripping apart anything in it's path. A hurricane is a terrible, huge storm that can cause severe damage with high winds and heavy rainfall.

  5. Hurricane watch is when it's to late to do something and hurricane warning is when u have to take precautions of the problem and evacuate immediatly

  6. Hurricanes and tornadoes are both similar because they both characterized by extremely strong winds swirling around the center. They are both different because they have different scales. They form under different circumstances.

    hope this helped 😀

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