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  1. Transpose the equation:

    Minus 10x from each side:
    Divide each side by 4
    or y=6-5/2x
    the slope is 2.5 or 5/2

  2. d

    step-by-step explanation:

    [tex]Based on the results of the simulation is there statistical evidence that the spinner is not fair[/tex]

  3. The form for the y-intercept equation is y=mx+b where m=the slope. If we can get it into that format, it will give us the slope. So we need to solve for y.


    To simply things, we are going to divide the whole equation by 2. So the equation is now:

    We need to move the 5x to the right side so we subtract 8x from both sides

    Now we need to get y alone so we divide by 2

    We can separate that fraction and we have:

    Now that we have it in the right format we can see that if you look at the formula y=mx+b then m=  

    Hope that helps.

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