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  1. Let's put the chart into ordered pairs:

    (x, y)






    In bold, we see that there are two y-values at x=3. This means that this relation fails the vertical line test (two points on the same verticle line). This is not a function. 

    The answer options may be mis-written. 

    The answer is no, because one x value corresponds to more than one y-value. 

  2. The answer is A; every x-value must correspond to ONE y-value only. y-values can correspond with as many x-values as they want, but if you see an x-value corresponding with more than one y-value, that's not a function.

  3. This is a 30-60-90 triangle
    Which means that the longer leg=square root of 3 times the shortest leg ( the shortest leg lies opposite of the 30 degrees angle)

    =4_/3 or the second choice

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