What made new england different from new france and new netherland?

What made new england different from new france and new netherland?

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  1. New England was different from New France and New Netherland because the populations that came to settle there did not come only for economic reasons as in these two other colonies, but also for religious reasons. The majority of the population of New England was composed of British Protestants, who fled the religious intolerance which was very present in Great Britain.

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    In this colony, each religious group had the right to practice its faith freely without the risk of being attacked or imprisoned. On the other hand, there was a great democracy among the citizens in this region of North America that did not exist in Britain or other American colonies. Every year, the citizens of New England met to discuss politics and the problems of the region.

    New England was the most important colony of the United States in the 17th to 18th centuries and left an important legacy that still exists today in the United States. It was not like the case of New France or New Netherlands, which have known different population groups and have not remained for a long time under the control of the originals countries. No need a long time the British took power in these two regions by expelling the French and Dutch.

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  2. The New England colonies in the New World grew more rapidly than New France and New Netherlands. Reasons are:
    - Religious freedom. The colonies were opened up to all religions.
    - Opportunities to make a living. Wealthy Englishmen thought that they could grow even richer in colonies.
    - Democratic government and avoiding of tyranny. On the other hand, the Dutch colony of New Netherlands was harshly and undemocratically governed. 

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