What was fdr first step in repairing the nation?

What was fdr first step in repairing the nation?

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  1. To repair the nation FDR created the New Deal. It was a series of programs designed to fix America. It included things such as the CCC, FERA, PWA, CWA, WPA, NYA, and EBRA. There were many other programs but these were the most successful ones as they were the main ones that repaired the nation. I'll explain the ones I listed. 

    First the CCC. CCC stands for civilian conservation corps. It was a program designed to give the unemployed jobs. Specifically young unmarried men. It was a successful program. The economy improved because of the CCC. Also, the construction jobs provided by the CCC helped new structures be built.

    Next is FERA. FERA stands for federal emergency relief administration. It was a program that loaned money to individual relief programs. This helped struggling cites tremendously. It provided employment to millions. It also raised billions for the country. It gave people more confidence in getting jobs. This was a very successful new deal program.

     Now for the PWA. PWA meant public works administration. It was a construction based program. Its goal was to employ people seeking construction jobs. It aimed to build new infrastructure for the country. They build dams to help power the country. This program was successful and it brought many opportunities to America as well as helping build helpful things.
    Next is CWA. CWA stands for civil works administration. This program didn't last as long as other New Deal programs but it did see some success. It was a smaller program created under the FERA. It was to help unemployed people seek employment quickly after the Great Depression. They were only temporary jobs but nonetheless jobs.

    Now for the WPA. WPA means works progress administration. It was the largest New Deal program. It also was one of the most successful. It helped provide parks and infrastructure to nearly every community in the United States. It had a budget of almost 5 billion. It also provided long lasting jobs to unemployed people after the Great Depression. Unlike many other programs it employed both men and women. It lasted a whole 10 years.

    Next the NYA. NYA stands for national youth administration. It was part of the WPA. It was mainly focused on giving young people jobs. It taught people how to work as it provided classes. These classes mainly focused on work skills. It seen much success. It had a budget of around 58 million a year. It was a good New Deal program.

    Finally the EBRA. EBRA means emergency banking relief act. It was commonly referred to as the emergency banking act. It was to provide relief in banking. Under this program the banks would close for a certain amount of time to allow people to withdraw their money. This was because the banks were in danger of closing. It was a successful act.

    To conclude Roosevelt repaired the nation with the New Deal. It allowed many to find jobs and it helped the country's economy repair. It was one of the main reason the Great Depression ended. While the New Deal wasn't the sole reason the depression ended it was a major factor in ending it. These programs were very successful. Many call FDR one of the greatest presidents of all time.   

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