What was the basic reason for the cold war? a. the soviet union needed warm-water porters for its growing

What was the basic reason for the cold war?
a. the soviet union needed warm-water porters for its growing navy.
b. there was fear and mistrust between the western allies and the soviet union
c. western nations were trying to claim all of the new land above the arctic circle.
d. the soviets had shot down the missiles in cuba

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  1. B, there was fear and mistrust between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union because the Soviets were an influential and expanding communist power

  2. D. The Soviet Union required British and American intervention in the European Theater due to the German invasion. Would be the correct answer.

  3. Abraham Lincoln didn’t have to wait for a Union Victory to issue the emancipation proclamation, at least, there was no law that said he needed to. But Lincoln felt he needed to for political reasons. He waited so it didn’t look like he was issuing it out of desperation. Since those in the north viewed the war as bringing the union back together not as a war against slavery it was simpler for Lincoln to simply call it a war against secession not slavery. Especially since the south didn’t really want to end slavery. But he felt that slavery had pretty much ended after the war so it was okay for him to draft the emancipation proclamation, but since the union army wasn’t doing so well at that time he waited so the North and his government didn’t look weak. When he issued it he did it so it looked like the right thing to do to free slaves and not in order to win the war.

  4. The option that most effectively completes the sentence is “allowing world nations freedom of choice, within reason, promotes peace”. According to John Kennedy in his speech delivered at the American University, nations (in this case he refers to the Soviet Union) should not try to impose rules on other nations as this interferes with the process of peace and creates tension.

  5. The city was the South's major center of manufacturing and transportation.


    General Sherman believed that destroying the economy and infrastructure and breaking the spirit of the citizens was as important as winning the battle. Before the election, thanks to Sherman's conquest of Atlanta, public opinion again clung to the administration. Lincoln was elected president for the second time.

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