What would happen in an ecosystem without decomposers? (3 points)

What would happen in an ecosystem without decomposers? (3 points)

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  1. Without decomposers, dead leaves, dead insects, and dead animals would pile up everywhere. And most importantly decomposes make vital nutrients available to an ecosystem primary producers- usually plants and algae.

  2. First, waste matter wouldn't decompose and add nutrients to the ground. then all the dead plants and animals would build up until all the nutrients had been taken from the ground because it couldn't be replenished. then the herbivores would starve followed by omnivores and carnivores. Everything would die out eventually.

  3. A, plant growth would decrease. Decomposers break down organic materials into nutrients and return these nutrients to the soil. The nutrients are vital to plant growth. If decomposers went extinct, then eventually plants would use up all the existing nutrients and start to die.

  4. Plants wouldn't have enough nutrients and minerals and they would die out and animals wouldn't get oxygen, basically there wouldn't be any life except maybe bacteria.

  5. The answer is letter d. Plant growth would decrease.

    Decomposers are an essential part of any biome, since they help recycle organic material. 

    Thank you for posting your question. I hope you found what you were after. Please feel free to ask me more. 

  6. The right answer is: Plant growth would decrease.

    Decomposers are living beings directly involved in the decomposition of dead organic matter (necromass) or excrement or excreta of living beings. They play a major role, necessary for the recycling of the elements (minerals, trace elements ...) that make up the organic matter, in an inorganic matter which will subsequently be absorbed by the plants (which explains the decrease of the growth of the plants during the absence of decomposers).

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