When a cosmetics company considers marketing abroad, which of the following external factors will be particularly important

When a cosmetics company considers marketing abroad, which of the following external factors will be particularly important to study? a. the foreign market's technological factors b. the foreign market's enviromental factors c. the foreign market's social factors d. the foreign market's ethical factors

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  1. 1. true

    2. true

    3. all of the above

    4. HDL

    5. true

    6. two to four

    7. true

    8. race

    9. all of these

    10. true

    11. keep swimming, but try walking instead of running, and do water aerobics instead of weight lifting

    11/11 correct 🙂 mark me brainliest if you could !

  2. 1. True.

    2. False.

    3. E.

    4. HDL.

    5. True.

    6. 2-4 times.

    7. True.

    8. Race.

    9. E. 

    10. True.

    11. D. 
    Hope this helps!!!:)

  3. Breast Cancer


    There are several factors that may affect your risk of developing breast cancer. These include:  

    The factors that lead to risk of developing breast cancer are –  

    a)Getting old and having children at or after the age of 30 years.  

    b)Starting Menstrual period at a  very young age  

    c)History of any breast disease

    d)Having a genetic mutations in  BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes

    e)Having excessive weight and being physically inactive

    f)Drinking alcohol excessively

    g)  Using oral contraceptives

  4. 1.true 2.true 3. all of the above 4. HDL 5. true 6. two-four 7.true 8.race 9. Its either B or all of the above  10.true 11.D switch to yoga.

  5. Therefore, option C - economic factors, is the correct option.


    Economic factors include rising product development costs, economies of scale in manufacturing and distribution, worldwide sourcing efficiency, steep learning curves, and significant differences in host-country costs.

    The benefits gained by Swift Inc. relates to the economic factor of significant differences in the cost of the host country, Thailand.

    Therefore, option C - economic factors, is the correct option.

  6. 1. The right answer is true.

    Alcohol is the direct cause of certain diseases, such as:

    * inflammation of the liver (hepatitis)

    * Cirrhosis of the liver

    * inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis)

    * involvement of the peripheral nerves (peripheral neuropathy: loss of sensations such as touch or sensation of vibration in the feet, ankles, calves)

    * alcoholic diseases (abuse and dependence)

    2. The right answer is true  

    Many cardiovascular disorders can be hereditary, including arrhythmia, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy and hypercholesterolemia. Coronary artery disease leading to a heart attack, stroke or heart failure may be present in several family members, indicating the presence of genetic risk factors.

    3. The right answer is all of the above  

    In the long term, alcohol can be responsible for many diseases: cancers (mouth, esophagus, throat ..), diseases of the liver (cirrhosis) and pancreas, diseases of the nervous system and psychic disorders (anxiety, depression, irritability , incitement to suicide etc.), cardiovascular disorders ... Due to higher consumption, men are more affected than women, and one in seven male deaths is attributable to alcohol.

    4. The right answer is HDL  

    HDL cholesterol, also known as HDL-cholesterol, is a high-density lipoprotein that helps transport cholesterol within the body.

    The HDL cholesterol level is measured during a lipid check to allow the analysis of cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is a lipoprotein called "good cholesterol" because it captures the excess cholesterol and transport it to the liver so that it is eliminated.

    5. The right answer is true  

    Physical exercise is central to the treatment of type 2 diabetes, and plays an important role in the prevention of this disease. Physical exercise is not only good for morale, it is excellent for preventing certain complications of long-term diabetes, and more specifically cardiovascular disease. Physical activity, combined with changes in eating habits, will help maintain or lose weight. The effects of physical activity and subsequent weight loss will combine and make insulin more effective, which will lower blood glucose levels and total cholesterol levels.

    6. The right answer is two-four  

    The risk of heart attack is three times higher for a regular smoker - male or female - than for someone who has never smoked.

    For those who quit smoking: The risk of having a heart attack decreases considerably during the first two to three years of abstinence.

    7. The right answer is true  

    Passive smoking can also be the cause of cardiovascular disease. The ban on smoking in the catering sector and in public buildings is therefore a very important measure in protecting the health of non-smokers and smokers alike.

    Indeed, it is now proven that passive smoking can be implicated in many non-smoking diseases: myocardial infarction, lung cancer.

    8. The right answer is race  

    The notion of the human race was used to establish classifications internal to the human species according to morphological or cultural criteria.

    It is clear that you can not choose your race: you can stop smoking, you can lose weight, but you can not change your origins.

    9. The right answer is all of the above.

    Stress can be controlled through relaxation and yoga sessions.

    Ingestion and alcohol dependence can be controlled by detoxification treatments.

    You can control your diabetes by following a healthy and adequate diet.

    The high blood cholesterol can be decreased thanks to the physical excercise and the decrease in fat intake.

    10. The right answer is true  

    Stress, caused by a "stressor" element, generates negative emotions. This stressor is usually fought with specific, tailored responses using the skills of each. However, when a problem can not be solved, people resort to non-specific defense mechanisms designed to reduce anxiety and negative emotions. This means buying clothes, going on weekends ... or eating. Consumption of food, alcohol and tobacco would be natural responses to non-specific stress, intended to provide comfort.

    11. The right answer is D. switch to yoga.

    Yoga can be practiced throughout pregnancy. Here are some postures to relieve some of the ills of pregnancy and help you to promote harmony between the woman and her baby.

    Yoga during pregnancy is not only a physical activity, it is also and above all an effective way for them to recharge their energy, and live serenely this unforgettable moment. However, some Yoga postures are not recommended for them. Big belly forces, she must still pay attention to his actions.

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