When a judge analyzes law, what document is used to determine the law’s validity? the bill of rights

When a judge analyzes law, what document is used to determine the law's validity? the bill of rights the us constitution the declaration of independence the majority opinion

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  1. US constitution is the correct answer.


    Article 6, Clause 2 (The Supremacy Clause) of US constitution declares constitution to be the supreme law of USA and makes  the federal laws consistent with it. Priority is given to the constitution in case of any conflicts with state laws. It also declares that state courts are bound by the constitution and all state constitution are subordinate to it. The federal treaties and statutes are supreme if they do not violate the constitution. If there is a conflict between federal and state laws then Federal acts are considered superior.

  2. B) the US Constitution


    The US Constitution is the base of all US legal system, which means that all laws need to be valid according to the US Constitution. If any law conflicts with the Constitution it should be ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court - which means that the law will not be valid anymore to all citizens - or by a single judge - which means that this law would not be applied to the single case anymore.

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