When did humans first evolve?20 million years ago200 million years ago0.2 million years ago2 billion years ago

When did humans first evolve? 20 million years ago
200 million years ago
0.2 million years ago
2 billion years ago

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  1. Persuasive Letter

    I'm writing this because, I would like school to be more fun! First, It would most likely motivate kids to do school, And what I mean by more fun is adding funny pictures, fun fact's, Etc.

    How about when Class Connect start's, we could Do this, By example: " The bird on the coordinate jumped on 3, and flew to 7! ". This could make kids use a method to help them do things, More than just coordinate's.

    We can decorate K12 by the holiday's! Like, Snowflake's for Christmas, and other's. And maybe a button ( You can only use once) To make it rain around the screen! Like snowflake's, Flower's, Etc.

    In conclusion, To make K12 more fun, We could add a little Daily streak that go's up every time you attend Class Connect! This could make Children attend more for their Daily Streak.

    This is why K12 should do this.


    Victoria Golubev

    (Pts: Kid's would most likely like school more if this will be done!)

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