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  1. I believe it is a, so upper Nile. But that was a 50% guess out of another answer. Compared to the places in Egypt today, it's said Nubia was we're Sudan is now.

  2. Nubian kingdoms were centered in Kerma Napata and meroe so the correct answer would be Cairo. Also could you please mark me brainliest?

  3. The Nubian kingdom was located in:

    The Nubian kingdom existed along the north eastern part of the Nile river and it is located in present day Sudan and Southern Egypt. Historians claimed that it is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world whose origin can be traced back to 2000 BC.

    Nubia was previously known as Kush kingdom. The word Nubia became instrumental in being included in the etymology for the word Ethiopia. However this civilization is not as old as the Egyptian civilization.

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