Which appeal is the best example of ethos?

Which appeal is the best example of ethos?

[tex]Which appeal is the best example of ethos?[/tex]

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  1. B.


    for the first choice, which studies show that evidence? who wrote them? Are they credible and trusted individuals who know what they're talking about?

    for c, how does their feeling towards curfew give them credibility, or a sense of trust from the audience?

    for d, how does preferring a certain job over another make your argument credible or trustworthy?

  2. D


    Logos is the persuasive technique that aims to convince an audience by using logic and reason. And D is the only one that was backed up by a study

  3. D. Every time you fail to donate, another child misses a meal.


    There are three central rhetorical approaches: pathos, logos, and ethos. Pathos is an appeal to emotion; logos, to logic; ethos, to credibility.

    D is the best example of pathos because it doesn't use logic (like B, which cites a statistic) or credibility (like A, which claims that dentists, a respectable source, recommend brushing). It uses an emotional appeal in claiming that lack of donations is linked to child hunger. All of these can be very persuasive; it's important to know your audience!

  4. D


    Logos aims to convince the audience by using logic and reason.

    Example: Citation of statistics, facts, charts, and graphs.

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