Which characteristics does Gilgamesh display in this passage? Check all that apply.

Which characteristics does Gilgamesh display in this passage? Check all that apply.

[tex]Which characteristics does Gilgamesh display in this passage? Check all that apply.[/tex]

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  1. In this passage Gilgamesh displays: courage and risk-taking behavior.

    These can be seem in "Gilgamesh felt his courage return" and They charged at Humbaba like two wild bulls, respectively.

    The other 3 confident speech, great intelligence and readiness to embark on a journey cant be seem in this passage alone.

     courage and risk-taking behavior.

  2. Gilgamesh, the hero, displays the following characteristics in this passage:

    -risk-taking behavior: Humbaba, the giant who takes care of the forest, is a beast who challenges Gilgamesh. Although he is dangerous, Gilgamesh takes the risk of facing him.

    -courage: Gilgamesh has the courage to face danger. Danger is reflected by Humbaba's beastly characteristics.

  3. In this passage the character Gilgamesh shows a courage and a risk-taking bahaviour. The first characteristic is noticed at the beginning of it when he feels back is courage and give to him again self confidence to confront the monster. Owing to that, he takes the risk to fight against the monster no matter what because his feeling of courage makes him feel powerful to win the battle.

  4. The options of the question are, A) Confidence of speech. B) Great intelligence. C) Risk-taking behavior. D) Courage. E) Readiness to embark on a journey.

    The correct answers are C) Risk-taking behavior and D) Courage.

    The characteristics Gilgamesh displays on the passage are risk-taking behavior and courage.

    These two elements are identified in the passage when the author writes “Gilgamesh felt his courage return” in a show of braveness, and in “they charged like two wild bulls…”, showing the risk-taking behavior and courage.

    The passage is referring to the “Epic of Gilgamesh”, one of the most important and classic poems in ancestry Mesopotamia. The story was originally carved in Stone in Akkadian language and tells the story and adventures of the King Gilgamesh of the Sumerian city, Uruk.  

  5. At first glance, Gilgamesh is seeking help to attack the monster together, because even the bravest need help. But he uses his oratory abilities to persuade to move forward together, because when they have already arrived so far, and if they are together, nothing can prevent them from doing so, no harm can be done to them. Also from the passage it is seen his resolve and leadership abilities to end the struggle, as well as the evident courage, because he does not dwell on danger.

    strong leadership skills

    compelling and confident speech

    courage in the face of danger

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