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  1. I uploaded the ans[tex]^{}[/tex]wer to a file hos[tex]^{}[/tex]ting. Here's link:


  2. Depends on the time period. If its in the present day, you would pay cash, change, or credit card. I'm not sure about older dates, though. Hope this helps!

  3. Answer and explanation:

    The best option for Caffe Gustoso is to choose a pay per action advertising plan. Coffee itself is not like other items people would be interested in just checking on the internet. As we are talking about a drink, people are likely to try it. Thus, Caffe Gustoso would be making revenue only when customers are sure they will place an order for coffee which will generate an expense to the business but a sure income.

  4. i think oliver should put it on his debit card and not charge it credit. the debit card would cost less in the end.

    Step-by-step explanation:

  5. I recommend a plan in two steps:

    Starts with a pay per view. Then in 6 months move to a pay per click.

    Explanation: First they need to show their brand. Let the market know them. Once they have viewed the could move to a different and expensive less payment method

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