Which functions have an additive rate of change of 3? Select two options.Which table represents a linear function?

Which functions have an additive rate of change of 3? Select two options. Which table represents a linear function?

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  1. c = 0.429t

    step-by-step explanation:

    the constant rate at which carlos harvests cassava is 35 minutes per 15 cassavas 15/35 = 0.429 cassava per minute

    therefore, an equation that models the number of cassava (c) that harvest carlos in a time (t) is the following:

    where t is the time in minutes.

    this means that when 35 minutes have elapsed 15 cassava have been harvested, at 70 minutes 30 cassava have been harvested and so on.

  2. the simplified form is


    step-by-step explanation:

    we want to simplify the expression,

    [tex]\frac{\frac{6x+9}{15x^2} }{\frac{16x-12}{10x^4} }[/tex]

    let us change the middle bar to a normal division sign to obtain,


    we multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction to obtain,

    [tex]\frac{6x+9}{15x^2}\times \frac{10x^4}{16x-12}[/tex]

    we factor to obtain,

    [tex]\frac{3(2x+3)}{3\times5\times x^2}\times \frac{2\times5\times x^2\times x^2}{4(4x-3)}[/tex]

    we cancel the common factors to get,

    [tex]\frac{(2x+3)}{1}\times \frac{ x^2}{2(4x-3)}[/tex]

    we simplify to get,


    the correct answer is b

  3. the answer is: d) o, f, and kr.

    atomic radius of bromine (br) is 114 pm.

    atomic radius of oxygen (o) is 73 pm.

    atomic radius of fluorine (f) is 72 pm.

    atomic radius of krypron (kr) is 112 pm.

    the atomic radius of a chemical element is a measure of the size of its atom.

    the atomic radius varies with increasing atomic number, but usually increases because of increasing of number of electrons.

    the atomic radius decreases across the periods because an increasing number of protons, because greater attraction between the protons and electrons.

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