Which of the following is not a reason the human population is growing exponentially?

Which of the following is not a reason the human population is growing

[tex]Which of the following is not a reason the human population is growing exponentially?[/tex]

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  1. Because of the organisms dying under a sophisticate surface around many diffrent amounts of sizing potentials

  2. Explanation:

    New methods of increasing food productions were implemented to increase the amount of food per population. Such methods include the implementation of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to increase plant growth and decrease wasted products from bug infestations. The second thing to cause a huge improvement in Food Production is the implementations of Modern Machinery for agriculture as well as preparation. Which in term decreased the amount of time that it took to produce certain foods.

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  3. Hey there Josh!

    To start off, the word exponentially means: being fast: rapidly.

    So, in another case, the question is asking.

    Which of the following is a reason the human population is growing rapidly?

    Your correct answer would be. . . 

    [tex]\boxed{Earth \ is \ below \ carring \ capacity}[/tex]

    That is why there is no delay on why the earth population is growing fast.

    (we keep making babies) xD

    Hope this helps

  4. The answer is B. Infectious diseases can spread in crowded areas.


    Answer choice A, food production, is a reason that humans would exponentially grow. Answer choice C, modern medicines to cure childhood diseases, would actually prevent several deaths in the human population meaning an increase in the population, and finally D, advancements in technology so people could move from an area of depleted resources. Since people living in a depleting area can now move away from there, there would be less deaths from loss of resources.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Option D, Earth is below carrying capacity


    The population of any species with in an ecosystem can grow maximum up to the carrying capacity  of that ecosystem and until unless this carrying capacity is  met, the population of this species keeps on growing at a rapid level.  

    This is exactly the case with earth. The carrying capacity of planet earth has not been yet reached (or the resources required to sustain human population have not yet been consumed to the fullest level) and that is why the human population is growing exponentially.  

    Therefore, the correct answer is option D

  6. Explanation:

    B. Human populations have not yet completed the demographic transition

    Human populations may experience several stages of development, which can be measured through rates of birth and death. This model,  demographic transition measures population changes over time.

    During the initial stages of the demographic transition, populations experience high death rates and high birth rates. Successive stages involve steadily increasing birth rates, falling death rates and later, low birth and death rates. At the final stage, the birth rates experience a  stark decline.

    Thus, the exponential growth means that the  population is just experiencing the first stage of the demographic transition.

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