Which of the following statements is false? a flowchart is an analytical technique used to describe

Which of the following statements is false? a flowchart is an analytical technique used to describe some aspect of an information system in a clear, concise, and logical manner. flowcharts use a standard set of symbols to describe pictorially the flow of documents and data through a system. flowcharts are easy to prepare and revise when the designer utilizes a flowcharting software package. a system flowchart is a narrative representation of an information system. a program flowchart shows the logic used in computer programs.

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  1. i think you are talking about the image i am uploading. then let's see who is who and based on that, let's answer your question about what section represents the state-level courts.

    who is who:

    box a: state trial courts box b: intermediate appellate courts   box c: state supreme courts box d: u.s. supreme court box e: u.s. courts of appeals box f: u.s district courts

    which section represent state-level courts?

    the correct answer is a, b, c.

    box a or state trial courts are the bottom level and they decided about the 95% of the nation's legal cases.box b or intermediate appellate courts (also called state court of appeals in some states) are the second level above trial courts. they have the authority to review decisions and judgments of the trial court judges.box c or state supreme courts are the highest level in the u.s. state court system.   their primary responsibility consists of correcting the errors of the inferior state courts. they exclusively hears appeals on legal issues from inferior state courts. since state supreme courts do not make any finding of facts, they do not hold trials.

  2. A flowchart is a diagram that depicts a process, system or computer algorithm. They are widely used in multiple fields to document, study, plan, improve and communicate often complex processes in clear, easy-to-understand diagrams.

  3. wait so (ima delete the answer if i get , so i dont steal points. i apparently cant comment) could someone me with this one? the same photo.

    sections b and e in this image both represent (3 points)

    select one:

    a. district courts

    b. courts of appeal

    c. trial courts

    d. supreme courts

  4. 1. C and D

    line and point

    2. D

    The statement is false. A conjecture is proven through deductive reasoning

    3. A


    4. B and C



    5. B


    6. 1. Given, 2. Distributive Property of Equality 3. Addition Property of Equality 4. Division Property of Equality

    7. A


    8. A

    Parallelograms have two pairs of equal angle measurements. For instance, Parallelogram 1 has angle pairs measuring 80°80° and 100°100°.

    9. B

    The statement is false. If a flowchart proof is difficult to construct, then a two-column proof should be used.

    10. B

    A long-term goal when writing a proof would be to prove a statement. A short-term goal would be to apply a postulate or theorem that helps to prove the statement.

    11. C and B

    1 and 4

    2 and 3

    12. B

    Yes, L and V are vertical angles.

    13. 39

    14. B

    Only Amy proved the theorem because she used postulates and theorems to construct a logical argument to show that the interior angles in a triangle add up to 180°180°.

    15. C and D

    a and c

    16. 37

    17. 65

    Step-by-step explanation:

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